4 Ways AR Will Change Your Life In The Next 10 Years

4 Ways AR Will Change Your Life In The Next 10 Years

The future is coming hard and fast with the development of AR moving forward like a freight train. It’ll change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

The technology behind “Pokemon Go” and soon to release “Minecraft Earth” is set to jump beyond video games. Driven by advancements in computer vision, AI and cloud computing, tomorrow’s augmented reality (AR) will change everything from travelling to real estate, health to education.

1. Navigation

Finding your way around is among the best uses for AR. Carmakers are providing head-up displays (HUD) on windshields that support navigation right on your field of vision without you needing to take your eyes off the road. Google recently introduced a new augmented characteristic for Maps which overlays navigational arrows on the actual world as seen through your camera.

2. Gaming & Entertainment

You will have immersive experiences that jump off the screen and alter the world around you with AR action games or tabletop games. You will have the ability to interact with soccer players and play quidditch with your friends too.

3. Travel & Lifestyle

We browse Instagram or travel blogs to find out about travel destinations today. We’ll have immersive 3D videos which recreate the experience of being in Bali or Thailand without even getting up from our chairs.

4. Food & Cooking

New programs like Kabaq allow customers to see realistic digital 3D food on their table in restaurants or purchasing online. Programs will combine interactive recipes and kitchen appliances. They demonstrate how you can plate and present your own dishes and provide you with audio/video advice for every step of a recipe.